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The lights from my old LED screen were glittering. Here I was, as I do every day, sitting on this same worn out chair, in front of my main computer. The only room in my apartment was austere, with a simple sofa, a sanitary block, and a desk, where my various machines, my only friends, were proudly seated. That was enough for me.

With a soft gesture, I grabbed the Energix Can with my left hand and carried it to my mouth, while my other hand was tapping the touch keyboard. In a primary choreography, my index finger slid to the right while leaning against the chair, relieved. My program was over.

My name is Jared, and I’m a coder in the Crypto-World.
I’m from a planet called Ultera. We call it Crypto-World today, but it wasn’t always like that. Don’t get me wrong, although my planet looks strangely like yours, we are not of the same world...

Come and join me, and I'll show you a world far beyond you can imagine...

Choose your Character!

The Miner

The Miner is specialized in Cryptocurrencies Mining. It is not the best fighter in combat, but its great intelligence allows it to imagine an amazing mining system...
The Hacker

The Hacker is specialized in hacking any kind of computing equipment. For personal or professional reasons, it’s capable to hack computers and remote networks to obtain lots of information...
The Corporatist

The Corporatist is a strong supporter of its corporation. The economy has no secret to it, and it has very great business capabilities...
The Mercenary

The Mercenary carried out various missions on behalf of corporations and wealthy individuals. He is in very good physical condition...
The Eco-activist

The Eco-activist makes his life a permanent struggle to preserve the planet of Ultera. The climate changes of the last 2 centuries have seen the emergence of unprecedented ecological disasters...

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An imaginative team

Cyrille HEJL

Founder / CEO / CTO
Game designer & Developer


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